Birdballs - Green & Blue

Will be shown at coming Autumn fair, 
The Birdballs from Green & Blue! 

Birdball Belle has been designed to hold both large and small fat balls, fruit and kitchen scraps. Belle allows small birds such as tits, sparrows, nuthatches and finches to feed yet deter larger birds. It is easy to clean, easy to fill, weather-proof, and prevents damage to birds feet and beaks that can 
be caused by mesh and wire.
Complete with stainless steel wire, spring, tree protector and detailed instructions.
Inspired by the natural forms of birds nests, the award winning Birdball Birdhouse provides a safe environment for nesting small birds. The hole is large enough to allow easy access for Blue tits, Coal tits, March tits and long tailed tits but small enough to keep out predators. Slipcast in clay and produced in the UK.

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