Merry Christmas ....

Wish you a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2013!! Enjoy!


DIY Christmas

TAS-The Art of Styling, has made a lovely DIY Christmas coverage. Black and white with neon accents. 
They used several products from Uniekkadoos, 
Picture 1
Cup and saucer - House of Rym
Orange-Black Pillow - FUSS, 
Picture 2
Black Bowl - Pia Lund
Picture 3
Sugar Bowl - House of Rym
Tealight - Anna Carin Dahl
Black Bowl - Pia Lund
CharityMugs Silver - Mette Ditmer



Ready for Christmas?

Look for these December-Products at: www.uniekduurzaamdesign.nl
Candle Bottles - Daniel Franzén
The Star - The Snowroom
Charity Mug Silver - Mette Ditmer
Candle holder 'Eternal Flame' Olive wood - House of Rym


Flaky Fields & Otis

I've just added two lovely handmade rugs from House of Rym to my webshop.
' Flaky Fields & Mountain Drops' design Anna Backlund and 
' Otis-flat-on-belly' design Elisabeth Dunker. 
Made by Tunesian craftsmen of 100% wool. http://www.uniekduurzaamdesign.nl/a-27773593/house-of-rym-porselein-textiel-olijfhout/tapijt-flaky-fields-mountain-drops/