GRPL Hooks nominated

GRPL | Barcelona | Spain | Interior accessories 2014 | WIN Awards


Give Away - Fouta 'Frizzy not Fuzzy' Green

UnikDesign loves to give away this summer green Fouta
'Frizzy not Fuzzy' from House of Rym. 
Design by Anna Backlund. 100% cotton and handwoven.
Size: 100 x 180 cm. Please leave a comment why you'd like to receive this wonderful Fouta.
Don't forget your e-mailaddress so I can contact you.
Enjoy this sunny weekend!!

Have a look for more Fouta's at:

Newest Bunad Blanket Vest Agder

Will be launched this month: the newest Bunad Blanket from Mandal Veveri. 
Designed by Andreas Engesvik in beautiful pastels.


Ready for an endless summer?

How I love these beautiful Fouta's 'Frizzy not Fuzzy' of House of Rym! Designed by Anna Backlund.
Ready for an endless summer!


'Arbour Harbour' in commercial ABN AMRO

All the "Arbour Harbour" porcelain of House of Rym in the newest commercial of ABN AMRO! 
Wonderful set-dressing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsSrnu_g1fM


GRPL Hooks - Ryan Frank

GRPL is a flexible hanging system for coats, hats, bags and anything else deemed fit. The hooks are made from beautifully textured, bio-plastic combining real grass clippings with biodegradable plastic. GRPL is not only innovative in shape and sustainable in design but also brings the smells of fresh cut grass into your home.


New Collection SS14 House of Rym

The samples of the collection SS14 from House of Rym are on their way to Holland!
The new patterns are designed by Cecilia Pettersson: ' My hopes were to make the Swedish forest marry Tunesia'. I think she succeeded, LOVELY!!