Moodboard Stijl Kaart

Tea towel 'Sokeri' from Kauniste and Cup ' Triangle Walks' from House of Rym used at the moodboard 'Kitchen' at http://www.stijlkaart.nl/index.php/114-stijlkaart-keuken-112012 Nice colours!


Blaloos in stock again!

Just received a delivery from Manses Design: The Blaloos collection is in stock again!
Perfect for any celebration, inspired on Swedish summers and grandmothers' coffee table in the afternoon.


Styling Presentation

Made a styling presentation with the lovely vases of Lindform. The customer agreed!
This will be the new decoration on a large table in a rural location for business meetings.


New products in the webshop

Beautiful new products in Uniekkadoos' webshop www.uniekduurzaamdesign.nl

Anna Carin Dahl: Coloured little vases

FUSS: Pillows and Shawls

Lindform: Tealightholders - Dandelion, Cow parsley and Cherry blossom

House of Rym: All of the porcelain products in the assortment


Lindform Vases - Maison NL

This lovely picture is made by Maison NL - Concept Store in Amsterdam. A mixture of Lindform and Keis&Fiedler vases, I would like this as wallpaper as well!